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Fast, friendly and courteous service. John set up our new office network in a matter of hours. Follow-up phone calls were returned promptly and rates are very reasonable. Creative Computer Consulting technicians are dependable and highly recommended. Thank you CCC for getting us up and running in no time.

Sharon Gladski, Brand Manager
Mountain Horse USA


Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. helped us in organizing our important data. Since our main focus is highway safety, we needed an organization that understood we were not computer experts. Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. was that organization. They assisted us in our transitional period and are always available to help and answer our questions. We are very pleased with their service and customer support provided before, during, and after the sale.

Mark Alonge, Executive Director
North Central Highway Safety Network


Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. (CCC) is a business that truly delivers. We have a school of 151 students ranging in ages from 6 to 14 years old. For several years, we’ve tried to muddle through on our own with very limited results. Since we acquired the services of CCC, we have the Internet available in all of our classrooms. CCC also gave us the ability to use wireless technology so we can combine lecture materials along with resources from the Internet. Prior to their involvement, we bought equipment and programs blindly. They have advised us numerous time on the most economic and advantageous direction we should follow for our educational technology needs. CCC delivers what they say and they do not disappoint!

Ronald A. Valania, Principal
St. Joseph School, Danville


I’m non-technical so when I needed a new computer system and network to increase productivity in our office I was lucky to find Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. CCC was great at listening to my needs and giving me a computer system that met those needs. They were always accessible and answered all my questions. Technical jargon, sure, but these guys made it easy to understand. I have dealt with other computer companies and they all seem to be able to install a system but what I look for is service. CCC was there after the sale. Their response time to my calls is unbelievable; they answer all my questions and make sure my needs are met, they even call me just to follow up. CCC prides themselves on their work ethic and for my money they are the best.

Regina Constantine, Business Manager
Sosar Physical Therapy, LLC


Do you want an organization that stands behind their work? If so, Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. (CCC) should be your first choice. I am an individual who works between my home office and my business office. CCC provided outstanding customer service in helping me obtain a new PC for my home office. CCC made sure all relevant programs were working and that I was comfortable with my system prior to them leaving the premises. CCC was courteous, diligent, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend their services to another other individual or business looking for a firm to provide them with quality technical services.

Thomas Ryan


Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. (CCC) was a life-saver. In the past, we’ve dealt with technology firms who customer service was less than favorable. CCC excels at their customer service. Not only did they provide solutions to our problems they helped us understand what when wrong in the first place. Any time we have questions, we know CCC is there to provide the answers. If you looking for a firm that does more than solve problems, CCC is the right choice. The truly provide solutions outside the box.

Dianne Zimmerman, Supervisor
H. L. Snyder Funeral Home, Inc.


The right choice; when the Pine Grove Ambulance Association expanded its operations, we needed a way for our computer system to communicate over our entire building. Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. (CCC) provided us with a wireless solution that made this possible. In addition to providing a quality solution, CCC was there after the sale making sure we were happy with our new setup. If we run into a problem, I know CCC is there to assist in every way possible. For us, customer service is important and CCC rivals no other. I know that I can count on CCC for any future endeavors in expanding our computer resources with my EMS company.

James Hoke; Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, Information Technology Committee Chair
Pine Grove Ambulance Association


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