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Creative Computer Consulting provides high quality and reliable support to both corporate and residential clientele. Creative Computer Consulting wants to succeed and develop a reputation as an organization that is dependable and responsible. We believe we are a solution to the future growth of the high-tech industry.

Why Choose CCC?

Creative Computer Consulting will work around our customer's schedule to solve their technical needs. We are a customer-oriented organization that focuses on providing solutions today for the problems of tomorrow.

You can expect quick and reliable service at a competitive price. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist you with your technical needs.

Below is a link to the files you will need to download in order to fix the Blaster Worm Virus. The Read me file has instruction on installing all the necessary files.

Blaster Worm Virus Fix

So Big Virus Fix


Special Offers

Pentium 4 & Celeron
14.1 to 15.1 LCDs
20 to 40 GB HDDs
256 to 512 DDR RAM
Win 2000 Pro

Win XP Pro
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Don't forget to regularly scan your computer for viruses. Click here to scan your system now!

Boost Your Memory
Adding memory is an easy way to improve PC performance, but figuring out what type to buy can be difficult. With CNET's all-in-one Memory Configurator, you can find the right memory for your desktops, notebooks, cameras, and much more.


"We speak your language. You don't have to worry about understanding confusing technical terms."

- John Burkitt, Network Technician, CEO

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