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Creative Computer Consulting, Inc. was founded by two individuals; Timothy R. Shepler, President and John C. Burkitt, CEO, with a combined experience of 15 years in the computer field.

Creative Computer Consulting is a multi-service company that specializes in needs asessment, computer network installation and maintenance, provides technical suport to companies with existing computer networks, data archiving and backup services. In addition to small business and corporate services, Creative Computer Consulting provides residential services to Schuylkill and the surrounding counties.


Network Technician, CEO

A+, Network+, MCP, CNA, HP/Compaq Authorized Repair Technician

John has prior industry experience with PC Repair, small/large network infrastructure and computer network consulting. In addition, John has experience teaching many aspects of computers and computer networking.



Network Technician, President


Tim has prior industry experience dealing with business management, computer network design and consultation, fault tolerance and disaster recovery methodologies. Tim also has teaching experience ranging from computer repair and upgrade to extranet design and implementation.



"Whether you plan on spending $5 or $50,000, our focus is with our customers."

- Timothy Shepler, Network Technician, President

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